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Educational Opportunities

Dutchess County Sheep And Wool Growers presents:


Day One: Saturday, February 25 - Zoom Presentation: 6 pm

OPEN to members and the general public alike.


Speakers: Jennifer Phillips, Graeme Stewart, Dr. Gillian Ferguson DVM

Jennifer Phillips will be sharing her experiences from years of raising Icelandic cross sheep using spring pasture-based lambing. From ensuring ewe-lamb bonding to observation of health or sickness in large grazing fields, she will offer insights into what outdoor spring lambing is all about.

Graeme Stewart will offer a contrasting dialogue from his experience with winter lambing of Romney sheep at Anchorage Farm in Saugerties NY. Close-up ewe observation, helping with survival of newborn lambs in frigid temperatures, and the various pros & cons of lambing in January and February will be discussed.

Dr. Ferguson will then wrap up the seminar with insights into pregnant ewe care, lambing issues, and newborn lamb health concerns.

Day Two: In-Person workshop, Red Hook NY- Members only

Conducted by Gillian Ferguson DVM

Solutions for common lambing presentation issues.


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