Successful 2021!

2021 was able to be a more productive year for the Association as Covid-19 restrictions were somewhat abated as the year progressed.

Here are a few highlights from this year:

Wool Pool Subsidy - The Association will match Bartlett's price, up to 250 pounds.  This benefit more than likely would pay for a good part of a member's membership fee.

We were able to support 4-H, the All American Sheep Show, Youth Show and ENY with funding.

We voted to support FFA also, and will be working with the Dutchess County chapters to assess their needs.

New scholarships were awarded to three students, in addition to supporting existing scholarship recipients.

Dutchess Fair was a success with livestock shows and wool room demonstrations and exhibits.

Member Social held at Hudson Valley Distillery

New Wool Ambassador:  Katie Tibbetts

NYS Sheep and Wool Festival:  we were able to hold an in-person festival with 20,000 attendees.  We held a pen sale, used equipment sale, livestock shows, and invested in computer software so we can handle our own auction sales.  Many long-time vendors reported best sales ever.  Developed merchandise products using members' own wool.

Annual Dinner:   Brent Zimmerman named Shepherd of the Year; great to see everyone in person this year.

First Annual Fall Farm Tour was a success.  Participating farms gave visitors a chance to learn a little about their farms, and sell fiber and meat products.  One farmer remarked that she'd never had such a great response to an Open House.  We'd like to have another one in the Spring, highlighting four or five farms.  Let us know if you would like to be on the tour!  

On January 27  at 7 pm we will be offering our members and families a free virtual class in photographing your farm and farm products effectively.  This will be held in partnership with the Hudson Valley Textile Project.  More information to follow.

We wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!  We are looking forward to a great 2022!



Contact Dutchess County Sheep & Wool Growers Association

PO Box 415, Red Hook, NY  12571